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My rates vary as I understand the fact that everyones pockets are pretty tight these days and i am not doing any better believe me. I am always open to negotiating. For instance it may be better for you to use a credit card instead of cash, so let's hit the mall and that'll take care of my fees.. i don't mind at all, actually itll be fun and we will have the chance to get to know each-other better while doing so. My minimum donation is 150.00 for in-call 175.00 for out.  It does rub me the wrong way when gentlemen try to throw much lower numbers my way (you know who you are ) I find it rather annoying actually and i will probably hang up or if texting you wont receive a response at all. Now on the other hand when it comes to return clients that is a whole other story. I hope to hear from you soon! 

Sevene Perez  (SexySeven)


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